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 Your YGO History

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New Student

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Join date : 2015-03-22

PostSubject: Your YGO History   Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:27 am

And why did you start? Did you play another trading card game before it? What deck?

I watched the show and the first thing I bought was a Yugi Starter (lost most of the cards) and a Kaiba Starter the summer after 3rd grade. A while later I bought the Dino Structure GX thing. I played with shit cards like that (though I had the Infernal Tempest and Helios combo 10/10) until I got a dragunity structure. Played around with it on DN until I started getting into synchro decks.

I don't think bleach remembers but I used to stalk some of his duels (I think it was because he knew someone I did) and I'd always get beatdown by his heroes. Later that year Billy Brake would become a legend and win two back to back YCS's with Tengu Plant. Me being the overconfident brat, I built my own synchro deck because that was the cooler thing to do C:. After watching Gianus though I believe that was when I started using synchrons heavily. Now I'm awaiting the new synchron structure and I rarely play a game.
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God of Time
God of Time

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PostSubject: Re: Your YGO History   Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:53 am

I don't know what american equivalents are, but I started in year 3 of Primary School. At the time, GX was big. I started with hero's and progressed on to crystal beasts, before taking a 2-3 year gap and coming back at the start of zexal. It was a fun ride and now we're here.



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Playstation fan
New Student

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PostSubject: Re: Your YGO History   Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:13 am

I remember the era when the original yugioh aired and i watch the shows and got cards for it and I think i have gotten dark Magician or the blue eyes first and i bought the starter deck at the mall and they had it there. It is long gone now but before it was and i remember atleast trying to go every change to get a starter deck or packs or individual cards. stopped at the 6th grade and gave my cards away and now i was looking at yugioh GX and the show is nice and i like the elemental heros but i dont own any cards anymore. Yugioh came after pokemon. I also remember during my 5th grade year, around christmas time, my teachers would get the students atleast 5-6 packs of yugioh cards and it was fun.
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New Student

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Join date : 2015-03-08

PostSubject: Re: Your YGO History   Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:16 pm

I believe I started as a kid, but I don't remember when I dropped it. I did pick it back up again when I was in grade 7-8, that was the 5D era. All those Dragons, Blackwings, Motorcycles and shit seemed really cool. I got back in with that Dragunity SD (#RipRavineNao). Somehow found my way to DN and thats how I became a kick-ass all-star duelist c:.
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New Student

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Location : Riding the legendary Crimson Sunbird

PostSubject: Re: Your YGO History   Sun Mar 22, 2015 1:14 pm

I started watching at the start of 5ds when I was just a tiny kid. After a few years I started to play for real and learned to play competitively a few years ago when I got on DN.

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New Student

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PostSubject: Re: Your YGO History   Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:40 am

I was looking thru the games for my DS emulator saw an Yu-Gi-Oh game named Spirit Caller downloaded it this is how I was introduced to Yu-gi-oh.I did not played any trading cardgames before it.I started meta play on Jan 2015 before that I was someone who thought Foolist burial is a bad card
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PostSubject: Re: Your YGO History   

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Your YGO History
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