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Mirasi's bae
Mirasi's bae

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PostSubject: Rules!   Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:27 pm

Yes, yes. THAT thread, the thread that EVER Forum has, for rules. I figured we should add one, and I got roped into do it.

Rules for users:
Respect EVERYONE on this Forum. We will be strictly enforcing this rule. Before people wonder, no, that doesn't mean you can't call a user an idiot or a newb, but don't pester a user constantly, belittle them constantly, etc.

Don't spam. Ever. At all. If you spam, you will be promptly handled. Spam just causes problems for EVERYONE involved, and clutters our forum.

Keep gore absolutely out of this Forum. This will be handled with a promt perma-ban or IP ban, depending entirely on what the staff decided. You have been warned.

Keep 18+ stuff in their respective sections, assuming we HAVE those kind of sections.(This is a rough version of the rules). This won't inherently result in a ban, but you will get a stern talking to, and if it's decided you are doing it just for the kicks of things, you will be dealt with.

Rules of staff:
Don't leak stuff from the Staff section. It's in the staff section reason.

Don't cause problems, as you will be held to a higher standard.

Don't take conflicts public. Deal with it in Staff chats, or staff sections. We all know what happens if conflicts are drawn to the public in a bad way.

For the love of everything, do NOT ABUSE.

Breaking any of these rules as staff will either get you demoted, or banned, depending on staff decision.

If any users or staff has any questions on these rules, please comment and I will answer as quick as I can! If you feel a rule should be removed, it will be discussed.

I do, however, want everyone to remember the golden rule here: BE POLITE. Being polite will get you a LOT farther on this Forum than most other things.

Thanks, guys!
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